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Ancillary Health Care (49606)

Disease Prevention 


Social Auxillary Work L5

Home Based Care (coming)

Health Promotion Officer

Educare (Pre-School Teacher)

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My enemies are my Motivators, but my mind is the only discourager

Blessing Kudabvanji

Give me fish no more, teach me how to fish.

Blessing Kudabvanji

We Are Different from others

Campus Life

At MUST Graduate Academy, we take learning seriously. But we also know that education doesn’t end outside the walls of the classroom. We are formed by the people that surround us and by the experience we live each day. At MUST, you’ll discover fellow students who will inspire and encourage you. Experiences that are designed to challenge you. And a campus life that hopes to provide a place for you to find a sense of belonging

Excellent Faculty

Welcome to the Faculty of Education where we strive to educate excellent and caring teachers for the 21st century. As a faculty, we pride ourselves on our association with excellent educationists and caring scholars; some of the best that South Africa has ever produced.

Our Story

Based on the foundational principles underpinning the establishment of MGA, the vision is to be the premier choice among all Further Education and Training Institutions in assisting individuals realize their full educational potential.

Meet Some of our respected staff

Dir Blessing Kudabvanji

Chief Executive Officer

Caroline Chinhongo

Human Resources Director

Gugulethu Madonsela

Executive PA

Faith Murevesi


Sibusiso Bususu

Marketing Director

Zinhle Ndimande


Silindile Mweli

Admissions Officer


Data Capturer