Education Faculty

Fully Registered with the QCTO, HWSETA, Service SETA which are under Department of Education

Higher Education and Training

Must Graduate TVET Division operates in the occupational qualifications sub-framework, to roll out national occupational qualifications to learners who want a trade or occupation. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) equips them, not only with vocational skills, but with a broad range of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are now recognised as indispensable for meaningful participation in work and life.

Must Graduate Academy Education Programme is geared to promote independent thinking, self-direction and autonomous behaviour in planning and implementing desired solutions for organisations.  Must Education is a transformative programme that will equip you with not only business and leadership knowledge but with modern information technology skills that are aligned with the current technological revolution. Any manager or leader who wishes to remain relevant and lead in this technologically disruptive time will need a combination of these skills and experiences. Must Graduate Academy will accelerate your career in ways that you never imagined. Must Graduate Academy is a critical component of the education landscape both internationally and within South Africa where the institution is focused on transforming the lives of young people and in so doing ,the country as a whole.  

National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (NATED) programmes are delivered under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training. The programmes consist of 18 months theoretical studies at the college and 18 months relevant practical application in work places. Engineering studies range from N1-N6 while Business and Utility Studies range from N4 N6. The ultimate goal of the Nated courses is to award the student studying the course an N6 Diploma.



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