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Meet Cindy Mkhize , A MUST Graduate post student who now serve as employee at uMlazi Medical Centre.

“I enrolled for Ancillary Health Care at MUST Graduate Academy , I studied 30% theory and was placed for practical’s  which takes 70% at uMlazi Medical Centre” Cindy explains. 

During her in-service training Cindy was working hard and as the results she is now employed as one of the staff at the Medical Centre. 


What makes Us Different?

At MUST Graduate Academy, we take learning seriously. But we also know that education doesn’t end outside the walls of the classroom. We are formed by the people that surround us and by the experience we live each day. At MUST, you’ll discover fellow students who will inspire and encourage you. Experiences that are designed to challenge you. And a campus life that hopes to provide a place for you to find a sense of belonging.

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