Health Faculty

Fully Registered with the QCTO, HWSETA, Service SETA which are under Department of Education

Faculty of Health Care

Interested in pursuing a career in health care, but not sure where to start? The Health Care Studies Programs are designed for students who are interested in entering the health care profession, giving them the foundation courses necessary to apply to nursing or other select health care programs. Besides learning key concepts of human biology, students will also learn how to communicate effectively with others and develop quantitative reasoning skills.

Faculty of Health Sciences remains well respected within the respective professions and is uniquely positioned to provide a number of quality Short Learning Programmes & Continuing Professional Development activities. We are committed to delivering quality education that is affordable and accessible to all our students for the past decade.  

MUST Graduate Academy is an innovative company that was founded to answer the needs for professionally recognised training aimed specifically at healthcare institutions such as hospitals, step down facilities, frail care centres, clinics, hospices & old age homes. Many students have qualified since then and are now working in hospitals around the country. Others are now training as Professional nurses.

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