National Certificate in Home Based Personal Care Assistant

Fully Registered with the QCTO, HWSETA, Service SETA which are under Department of Education

Qualities of Greatness

A home-based care will be able to provide supervised care and support to patients and household members in the home, in order to promote, restore and maintain a person’s comfort, function, spiritual wellbeing and physical health including care towards a dignified death. The work of a home-based care focusses on therapeutic work (to make better), rehabilitative work (to restore to health), long-term maintenance (to care for over a long time) and palliative care (for those with life-limiting conditions). All these tasks require time and commitment and imply a longer-term relationship with clients/patients

Home Based Care provide supervised care and support to patients and their immediate family’s/household members in the home and appropriate community-based settings in order to

promote, restore and maintain a person’s maximum level of comfort, function and health including care towards a dignified death.

Students undergo  30% theory and 70% Workplace & Practical Work placement Guaranteed in guaranteed at MUST Graduate Academy!!!

  • No formal education required
  • Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 (No specific subjects are required).
  • NQF Level 1 or equivalent competences in Mathematical Literacy and Communications.

Knowledge (Theory) Modules

Fundamentals of Home Based Care (8 Credits).

Total Credits for Knowledge Modules: 8.

  • Identify and report on possible needs of patients and family/household members on an ongoing basis;  (5 Credits).
  • Implement delegated components of the care plan (Household and patient); (20 Credits).
  • Capacitate patients/family/household members in basic practical care Skills; (5 Credits).


    Total Credits for Practical Skills Modules: 30.

  • Exposure to the processes of assessing, planning and providing holistic care in household and community settings; (7 Credits)
  • Exposure to the processes of monitoring the implementation of the home-based care plans; (14 Credits)
  • Exposure to the processes of ensuring the active participation of patients and households in the management of care at home; (2 Credits)
  • Exposure to the processes of capacitating    patients/family/ household members in basic practical care skills; (2 Credits)
  • Exposure to the referral processes;  (2 Credits) 

    Total Credits for Work Experience Modules: 27

  • Provide holistic care and support to patients and household members.
  • Communicate effectively with patients and household members to provide care and support.
  • Operate effectively within a multi-disciplinary team context.
  • Recognize when to refer and who to refer to.
  • Complete a generic report guideline/template on patient care.
  • Major employer is Department of Health (Clinics, rehabilitation centers, testing and counseling centers) through its implementation of Primary Health Care Re-engineering under NHI.
  • Other employers include Schools, local municipalities, Mental Health Centers, Old age homes, mines, Health Research centers, Cancer foundation, heart foundation, diabetes foundation, social department, department of housing and NGOs.


MUST Graduate Academy will conduct internal assessments by means of assessment activities and signed-off work experience log sheets. Upon successful completion of all modules, MUST Graduate Academy provides a statement of results to the candidate and QCTO, as part of the candidate’s application to complete the External Summative Assessment conducted by the QCTO.


Learners will be formatively assessed in theoretical studies on the basis of assignments, an individual and group project and as well as short test. Assignments, case studies, problem-solving techniques will assist with formative assessment. Learners will also be formatively assessed in real work environment on the basis of observation in natural setting; unobtrusive or planned. Behavior and performance will be evaluated. 


Upon completion of the training learners will be issued with a statement of results by the college which will allow them to sit for national examination.

NB: National examinations are written in March and October/November every year. 


Learners who passed National Examination will be awarded Occupational Qualification: Home Based Care Assistant L2 by Quality Council (QCTO).


Approved by SAQA at NQF Level 3, SAQA ID 104792  , with  65Credits



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